We launched our engineering activity and history in 1990 by establishing IPG v.o.s., a company for reconditioning of gear-cutting machines. In 1993, the Company expanded under a new name, STROJÍRNY ČELÁKOVICE s.r.o., by addition of machining workshop, laboratory and research&development which followed the 100-year-old tradition of our parent companies: TOS Čelákovice and Praga Praha producing gear-cutting machines and truck gearboxes. We started using our own brand -GEARSPECT- in 1995.

In 2010, we transformed all of our activities and founded the Gearspect Group trade-engineering organization that supplies gear technologies and incorporates the following businesses:

  • Strojírna Gearspect, development and production of gear cutting machinery and gear measuring instruments
  • Gearspect USA, production of spare parts, service and sales center
  • Gearspect India, production of gear measuring instruments, spare parts, service and sales center
  • Strojexport Slovakia, trade engineering company
  • Gearspect Group a.s. and its subsidiaries offers modern gear technologies: Gear shapers, grinders, hobbers, profile gear grinders, bevel gear grinder and bevel gear hobbers including the gear-measuring technologies.

    The Headquarters is located in the Czech Republic, member of European Union, employs highly qualified and educated technicians and engineers with many years of experience in the automotive and defence industries.

    Gearspect Group s.r.o. belongs among global producers of gear cutting technologies, supplying goods and services to markets of Europe, USA, Asia and Russian speaking countries.

    Our priorities: Quality – Rapidity - Price