Gear Measuring Instruments > Gear Testers for geometric deviation of cylindrical gears and gear cutting tools


Measuring instrument for complete testing of form geometric deviations of involute gearing, i.e. profile, lead, pitch and radial run-out, dia over ball, span, etc. Evaluation is realized according to DIN, AGMA, ISO and GOST standards with PC protocol print-out. The tester's accuracy is attested by statistics SW qs-stat 3.2 and VDI/VDE. Optional SW available for inspection of Hob after resharpening, PC based automatic measuring cycle.

  DO 3 PC
Max. dia. of measured wheel 180/280 mm
Min. dia of pitch circle 10 mm
Min/Max module of measured wheel 0.5/8 mm
Max tooth helix angle 50
Max gear width 350 mm
Distance between centers 350, 500 or 700 mm